The Friends of Hoylake and Meols in Bloom was formed in 2010 with the merging of two established groups ‘Hoylake in Bloom’(2007) and ‘Friends of Hoylake & Meols Gardens & Open Spaces’ (2002). The combined Friends group aim is:
                   ● To help Hoylake and Meols become a more beautiful place in which to live, visit, work, rest and play by planting and caring for the many floral displays in and around our villages, thus  enhancing the environment for everybody to enjoy.
                   ● To encourage the community to be involved in and care for our parks and open spaces by improving their infrastructure, holding events  and running tea rooms in them.
                   ● To involve local businesses in the environment we all live in by sponsoring what we do and being involved in the community events we organise and hold in our parks.
The group is a registered charity with a Chairman, vice-chair,  Treasurer,  Secretary, volunteer organiser, membership secretary, and Trustees members.
The group’s Trustees formally meet on a monthly basis to discuss and plan how best to move forward and implement the aims of the group. The group raises funds from a number of sources, support memberships, donations, sponsorships, grants, businesses and events. Gift Aid plays an important part in substantially increasing personal donations and support memberships. We have received substantial and on going business donations/sponsorship from a number of local businesses.  The Royal Liverpool Golf Club have also been involved by providing skilled groundsmen to cut new beds, and maintain the grassed areas around Hoylake roundabout. We also have trades businesses that provide valuable benefit in kind, like painters, builders, electricians and metalworker

Some years ago, there was a person who used to put wild bird food in our flower tubs, possibly thinking they were helping the wild birds when actually only the pigeons benefited and it caused our volunteers considerable extra work removing the seeds before they germinated. One sunflower seed must have escaped and grew into a wonderful tall sunflower standing proud over the flowers. One day we noticed that someone had removed a few seeds creating a smiling face. We watched people walking and driving past, smiling back at the smiley faced sunflower, hence out motto:

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