Train stations

meols station beds

The existing beds once cleared were planted up with many perennials, fortunately we were able to save the roses with a lot of pruning and re-shaping which as you can see are doing very well with that extra bit of care.
After the new lifts were fitted and the builders gone we had permission to carry on and plant the two new beds we had started at the platform entrance. The one just outside the station was a nightmare to prepare as it was full of rubble. We cleared as much as possible and added manure. This bed is now planted up with ‘Eye of the Tiger roses’ and ‘hardy Geraniums’.
The other new bed just inside the gate has been planted up with ornamental grasses (again with the help of Neil Lucas) and some naturalistic perennials.

Meols station volunteers

The once loved, but long since neglected borders, at Meols station have been returned to their former glory. Work began on Meols station in November 2017. Overgrown and untidy, the beds were in a sorry state with unruly shrubs and roses that had seen better days. Local residents remembered more flourishing times when in past decades the station had won awards for its blossoms and blooms. An army of green-fingered volunteers were recruited to reinstate the flowerbeds with the full support of station staff and Mersey Rail. Addressing the borders and clearing out the beds was back breaking work, in particular pulling up as much as possible, the jurassic mares tail. The beds were eventually cleared with works initially focused on conditioning the soil. We managed to save the beautiful well established roses. 

hoylake station beds

The long beds on Hoylake station have been planted up with shrubs, climbers and herbaceous plants along with the eye catching Crazy Daisies. For the winter months there is a lovely display of Daffodils, Cyclamen and wall flowers.
There are 10 wooden planters on the station, 2 at the entrance planted with Hydrangeas and one large lavender filled planter.  


hoylake station volunteers

Thanks to the Friends volunteers Hoylake station won Cheshire’s Best Kept Station award in 2017 and 2018 and in 2019 won the best kept garden award.